"I believe it's not the technology that changes the world. It's the dreams behind the technology that will change the world" - Jack Ma

PdVA is involved in various projects using disruptive modern technology such as 3D printing for affordable housing and green recycling technology for low cost plastic roads.


Point de Vue Afrique is involved in the 3D printing house project with various partners. With fewer building materials, projects are delivered in a shorter time span and at lower cost than traditional construction. A great initiative for Africa!

For more information about this project, please watch the video above or contact us for more details.

3d printed house.jpg


Another great initiative we are involved in, is the project regarding prefab road, made of recycled materials. Another wonderful technology for Africa and helping to keep our planet green.

Because the roads are made of recycled materials, it makes them greener and cheaper than traditional roads due to the lower CO2 footprint and the decrease in transport movements compared to traditional road constructions. 

30 meters of these recycled roads contain up to 218.000 recycled cups or 500.000 recycled bottle caps.

Due to it's hollow design, various tubing and sensors can be added into the hollow space.

For more information, please watch the video above or contact us for more details.


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Tel / Whatsapp : +234 803 455 3434 (Nigeria)

Email: contact@pointdevue-afrique.com

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